Reach It Out
Outrigger Canoes and paddles


People will suggest getting one Canoe over another. Please take the time to consider what canoe will be best for your physical abilities and your paddling plans.

  By answering these questions it will be easy to narrow the choices.


    1. How Tall are you?

    2. How old are you?

    3. How much do you weigh?

    4.Male or Female?
    5. Have you paddled an OC in the past?

    6. Have you paddled other Canoes or kayaks in the past?

    7. Are you planning on paddling in the Ocean , Rivers, or Lakes(or a combo)?

    8. Do you consider yourself physically fit?

    9. Do you have good Balance?

   10. Do you plan to race or just paddle about?

   11. If you plan to race would it be sprints(250-1000 meters) or long distance(3 -10 miles)?

  William Dion
2312 Parsonage Rd.
Charleston S.C.