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Outrigger Canoes and paddles


When choosing a paddle many factors enter into the selection process. It is important to get the best paddle for your needs. The wrong paddle can make the boat slow, frustrate you, as well as cause serious injury.

  Paddles we supply come from:





  The correct paddle from the manufacturer can be sized and cut special. We will be glad to quote you on these paddles.


  Factors to consider in choosing a paddle:


1. How old are you?

2. How flexible are you?

3. What are your physical ailments?

4. Reason for paddling. Racing, Touring, or Sightseeing?

5. Type of boat and position in the boat you plan to paddle in.

6. If Racing (What type)? Sprints 250-1000 meters or Long Distance 3-10 miles?

7. Are you going to paddle in Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, or the Ocean?

8. Your water conditions will be rough, flat, or a combination?

9. Are you experienced or a novice?

10. How tall are you?


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