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Tempest oc-2

What do you get when you combine years of R&D with a commitment to improve the surfing ability of the OC1? An ultralight, ultra-fast and the strongest canoe we build!

Length: 20'-6"
Beam: 15"
Weight: 13-16 lbs.
Designed Displacement 
200 lbs.


  The Storm is the newest Ozone OC-1 This boat is being built with advanced Construction techniques as well as tried and true designs. Built in one piece it is extremely strong and water tight. Another feature ,from the one piece construction, is there are no lips and putty to assemble the boat. This makes it very light.

 The hull design makes the Storm surf well . The same design allows for fast paddling in shallow water. The draft is very minimal.

  This boat has two different AMA designs to choose from. One for the flats allowing for fast paddling speeds. The other AMA is designed to handle big water and surfing conditions.

  William Dion
2312 Parsonage Rd.
Charleston S.C.